Pine seedling cuttings

Hi Jonas,
Is there a deadline to make cuttings for black pine seedlings? I have 10 seedlings nearly 3 months old. And i think some of them lost their vigor and not growing since 1 month. Is it possible to make seedling cuttings from all of them right now?

I think the main variables are how much the seedlings have grown and how well can you provide conditions for the cuttings to grow.

The larger the seedling, the more misting will be required to maintain the foliage while the cutting sends out new roots. As long as you can mist and provide some level of warmth and/or sunshine over the next month or two, they should get off to a good start.

I’ve started lots of seedling cuttings in July, but not as many in August.

I guarantee warmth and sunshine but, not sure about misting regularly. What about a greenhouse to protect humidity? Also I’ll post a photo of the seedlings. Thank you very much Jonas.

Greenhouses can be great for maintaining humidity after making the cuttings. Once the new roots emerge, you can bring the trees back outside.