Pine seedling question

(John L) #1

Hey Jonas!

I planted pine seedlings late in the year (September) and then did the root cutting around December. Yesterday, I dug up the pine seedlings to repot them, and I noticed that about 75% of the ones that I did the additional cut on didn’t develop any new roots. They actually still look alive though, so I’m hopeful that they might make it through, especially as it is warming up. Do you think I should:

  1. Do nothing and wait until they start rooting (or wither/die) or
  2. Put another cut, dip in rooting hormone, and re-pot?

Thanks so much!

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

It’s common for cuttings to not produce roots when temps are cool. If there’s callus where the previous cuts were made, I’d re-cut right across the callus and re-apply root hormone. If the cut ends look dry, I’d re-cut just above the dry section, apply hormone and re-plant.

Considering the weather we’ve been having, after care may be tough. The sun will stimulate rooting, but be careful not to let the cuttings dry out on days when it’s above 70. Daily misting will be good, and reusing the same soil should be no problem.