Pomegranate fruit

(jeff_lahr) #1

I love the look of fruit pomegranate fruit. Two years ago I planted cuttings whose trunks now are the thickness of a thin pencil but they produce fruit. The parent trees grown in baskets produce flowers but no fruit. I’m tyring to figure out why the younger cuttings produce fruit but the parent tree does not. My only guess is that the cuttings are growing in the field rather than baskets. Does any else have an idea?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Interesting - a few things come to mind.

Pomegranates fruit on new wood. The cutting in the ground looks like it produced a long shoot - it looks like there may not be as much new growth on the container tree.

How old is the container tree? Pomegranates are “mature” after about 5 years, which may be extended if a number of these years are spent in a small container.

Are both pomegranates in full sun? The more sun the better for producing fruit on pomegranate.

Pomegranates can produce both male and perfect (male and female) flowers. Trees that are on the weak side or that don’t get enough sun may not produce perfect flowers.

If the flowers on the container tree are female, then it might be an issue of pollination, though I don’t know why this would affect one tree more than another.

All that said, my guess is that the cutting looks to be more vigorous and that’s why it’s better able to produce fruit.