Ponderosa Pine needle windburn

(Jack Earley) #1

First time post, a question regarding a Pondarosa pine with needle wind burn due to an extreme change in wind direction about three weeks ago here in Illinois. The tree is quite old, based upon records, 110 +,the tree has substantial new buds on every branch, each needle Is brown for about 30% of each needle. What are your thoughts about trimming of the dead portion of the needle since it is no longer helping the health of the tree. Thank you, Jack

(Frank Corrigan) #2

I have always trimmed off dead portions of needles on my pines. Both for aesthetic reasons and to prevent Mold, fungal issues.
In the past it was a common practise to reduce needle length in hopes of affecting the size of new needles.
I just take care to use a very sharp pair of scissors. Removing the dead portion should not affect the health of the tree.

(Jack Earley) #3

Frank, thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. This windburn on the pine happened on a day when we had a major weather change and I couldn’t get home, I was surprised how quickly the needles burnt. All the best to you today, thank you so much, Jack

(Ryan Finkbiner) #4

I had this happened with my japanese white pine, only I’m in Colorado and we had 30-50 MPH winds, it was hot (downslope off the mountains) and the RH fell to 9%. Our pines have tender needles right now so this will happen pretty fast if not protected quickly. I even lost whole candles. It’s a strong tree so I think it’ll be fine as will yours.

(Jack Earley) #5

Hi Ryan, thanks for taking time to respond. After seeing the PP out in your area last summer, it was surprising to se e how quickly the wind damaged the needles here in Illinois. Thank you, Jack