Pool landscaping companies

Hi All,
I own a resort & spa in Ontario. I am planning to extend my resort to some more space. So there I thought of building a more customized swimming pool. I have one, but it is just a normal one. So mu new swimming pool must be an attractive one where my clients can enjoy it. I am expecting my contractor to include pool string lighting, Underwater LED pool lighting, Fireplace lighting etc. Could someone please help me to find pool landscaping companies?

I’ve seen a company online before (I forgot where) whom transformed pools and spas into ones that look like nice authentic ponds (think, koi ponds)… boulders, black bottom/floor (instead of the typical white), plants, etc.

I have an old small spa in my backyard (that’s never used). I wish I could find someone to transform it into a pond-looking spa. Maybe even an outdoor onsen type of spa.