Poplar bonsai trees

Has anyone worked with poplar trees? What style would you suggest?

I haven’t seen many - possibly any - poplar bonsai. As for the style, I’d take cues from the form the trees take in nature. Some poplars, like the Lombardi, have an interesting branch pattern that could make for interesting bonsai.

Which kind of poplar were you thinking of? The regular aspens and poplars grow very, very rapidly upright so they’ll need a lot of attention. The tulip trees could be very pretty in bloom and have hanging catkins as well.

Not sure of type of poplar trees. Got 3 from Arbor Day in 2015, and started 9 from those. Have kept them short, 15 to 20” tall. There aren’t many branch’s and don’t seem to back bud. I’m not an experienced bonsai person but enjoy spending time messing with the hundred or so I have started. Have decided the only seed I am going to put in dirt, now, are garden seeds.:grinning:

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