Pot for Watering Can

I just got the large sized Masakuni Copper Watering Can from J-bonsai.com. I would like to find a large pot that I can keep filled with water to fill the can. I hope to find something that can become a nice garden piece. I’ve seen these in a few gardens before and am curious about a few things.

  1. Is there a Japanese term for these? What would you call this in English? (water basin, water pot, etc.)

  2. Does anyone have any pic’s of these in their Bonsai gardens or gardens they have visited?

  3. Anyone recommend a good source for purchasing one?

Here are a couple pics of what I’m talking about, first from Bonsai Mirai:

Here’s a cool Frog Water pot on the side of this Black Pine at Aichi-En

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I think of these as water basins - am curious what they’re called in Japanese. The last time I shopped for one I found a decent alternative at Oriental Vase & Furniture on Alvarado in San Leandro. There were maybe one or two options on that visit - I’d check there next time you’re in the area.

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How do you control for mosquitoes? That would be full of wiglers in a week where I live.

Zack- that’s a great question. I ended up getting on at the beginning of May. So far no problems with mosquitoes, but maybe that will become a problem, I think I will just try and scope them out with a net or my hand. Might be an more of an issue in other locations.

Guppies for tropical regions and gambusa for colder climates. They tend to help the a control of mosquitoes. For algae, cherry shrimps they can also live through the winter as well or at least in zone 8.