Pots identification - help

Hi all
Today I bought some pots on local sale. 2 have stamps and I struggle to find out are they Chinese or Japanese. Could you please help me.

I don’t even know do I correctly took a photo. It could be upside down

If you don’t get a response from someone knowledgeable you might investigate this site:

It might also help to post an image of the actual pot with dimensions.

Thanks for that.
I’ve checked that website yesterday but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything similar. For me it is like “try find matching element”. I think someone with knowledge of Japanese will be handy

A few things that might help:

  • you have them both upside down
  • they’re probably Japanese
  • top one could be 卯 (‘bou’) - 山 (means mountain, pronounced ‘zan’ here, makes me think this is tokoname?)

I asked a coworker (in Shanghai) who helps me with my chop ID to translate the chops you have. It is difficult for me to compare pictures of chops with chops on a pot, so I have them translated to computer typed characters, Pinyin and English. and search the characters. You can search google by Chinese characters (even if you cannot read them, cut and paste them)
The characters are numbered in the translation 1,2,3 and 1,2,3,4. Keep in mind that when Google translates it usually translates individual characters so if two characters make a word the translation is somewhere between not accurate to way off. Good luck

Picture 1:





Pinyin: Mao Shan Yao

English: Maoshan Kiln

Picture 2:

3 陶 1 義

4園 2 村


Pinyin: Yi Cun Tao Yuan

English: Yicun Pottery Garden

Good luck, if you figure out what these are please let me know.

Thanks for that
I also did a little homework and sent an email to the source in Japan.

This is what they sent to me back:
Stamp no. 1
Sorry, I don’t know immediately.
You may find out if you wait a little.
Maybe, I think it’s “Shigaraki”, not ‘Tokoname’.

Stamp no. 2
It’s “Tokoname bonsai pots”.
It was made by Shuuhou(Hidemi Kataoka-san).


1st stamp also identified - it is a Shigaraki ware from this manufacture http://www.uzan.jp/

It wouldn’t happend if not help of Toshifumi Kimura from Tokonameyaki Cooperative Association

Very helpful man