Procumbens, what up?

Hi: This juniper was transplanted onto this rock 2 yrs ago. Healthy up to last Feb. I sprayed
it with fungicide in Jan. Since March, one side of tree, healthy,new growth, and other, not so much.
Tree is in full sun, and I water when needed. I also mist regularly and apply foliar feeding.
Appreciate any insights.
(PS: On healthy side, no moss growing on side of stone. On weaker, moss is present. On weaker side, it
appears new growth starts, then wilts and has these globs which look like oak galls. Insect/disease?


My first guess is something might be going on with the roots. Back in February, were there healthy tips everywhere that have since been pruned?

Hi Jonas: There were healthy tips everywhere. I thought it might be the roots, but wouldn’t that
impact the whole tree?
I did spray an insecticide last week, and have been misting daily. I do see some signs of new,healthy
Appreciate your insights, and hope to see you this weekend.

In addition to the root problems, you might also check for scale. I’ve had a similar issue when a set of branches had very weak growth in contrast to more a vigorous portion. Closer inspection revealed a small white ‘cypress’(?) scale infestation.

It’s tough to see from the pics, but I annotated one pic that appears to have some white specks at the arrows.

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Thanks Jayhawker! I did spray with an insecticide a week ago
and I am seeing improvements. Appreciate it!

Good catch about the spots - scale can certainly slow down junipers.

Generally, yes, root troubles affect the whole tree, but with species like juniper it’s not uncommon for branches along one lifeline to grow weak when the roots supporting it are damaged. Am also curious if the tree was turned regularly or if one side stays in the sun and the other in the shade.

Thanks Jonas for ideas.
Yes, I rotate the tree regularly.

I am seeing new growth since I sprayed. Hoping it was just the

Appreciate everyone’s input. This is a great way to discuss bonsai!

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