Pruning hinoki cypress

I cannot seem to find detailed instruction on how to prune back hinoki cypress whorls to bonsai specs.
The question itself seems to elude me. The talk of alternating branchlets puzzles me. Do I remove alternate branchlets to provide room for the orderly growth of other branchlet whorls? How far do I prune back a whorl? Scissors vs. pinching? Egad!!!

Good questions Robert! Hinoki can be tricky when they form clusters of compact shoots that emerge from single points.

One way to think of it is to prune it like you’d prune a juniper. Ideally, each branch would split into no more than one branchlet at any given intersection. If the main branches split into whorls, you may have to keep extra branches and worry about the extra branches down the road.

You can use scissors for the small shoots, no need for pinching at this point.

Excellent. Then, you don’t subscribe to cutting off alternate branchlets
to leave room 4 the survivors? I’m over thinking this, I think.

Cutting off alternate branchlets is a good way to develop branches. If you can take a photo of a branch you want to prune, we can take a look and offer suggestions.