Pseudocydonia sinensis

Hi all,

I’m looking dor suggestion about this Pseudocydonia sinensis that after being pruned to two leaves is now exploding with new growth.

What should i do , let itgo or prune it back again to two leaves?


The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish at this stage with your Chinese quince.
Perhaps describe where you feel you are in the design developmental stage with this tree.
For example are you happy with the trunk shape and size?
Have the primary branches reached the desired thickness?
What is your overall plan for the tree? For example height and thickness of the trunk?
Your choice of pruning techniques is dependant on those variables.

Thank you Frank for your answer.

I am quite happy with trunk size and overall height of the tree, i would say that it is in branch ramification refinement even if the primary branches must develop in size.

So if i am reading right between the lines, i should let it go for increasing branch tichness and only later in future start branch ramification. Am i right?


That is the approach i would take. Allow branches to extend until the initial section closest to the trunk has achieved most of the the thickness you desire for that section, then begin ramification to create secondary branches of the thickness you wish and so on. Also consider wiring the new thinner branches while it is possible to introduce change of direction or additional movement as suits your overall design. It is much easier to do in the early stages of growth.

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