Pyracantha pests

Hi there, these trees were collected about 4 to 5 weeks ago - they’re shooting strongly, however small protrusions have started appearing that crumble to dust if touched. Could these be caused by some type of borer? How harmful are these and any ideas for treatment?

Thanks a mil!

Hello, it would be helpful if you could identify the type of tree you collected and the general area they were collected from. Species tend to be affected by common pests that do not always affect other types of trees. The limited scope of your pictures make it difficult to determine the species just from the bark.

LOL i missed the identity in the title! The little extruded forms are called frass straws and evidence of an infestation of ambrosia beetles! They can introduce a fungal infection as well as the usual borer damage. Check with local specialists for available treatments in your area. Good Luck!

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Thanks again for an invaluable response Frank, Googled these pests and apparently no successful treatment available - best to burn to avoid further infestation?

That is the reccomended approach so far!