Question about achieving density in a ficus

In the Bay Area. I have a ficus I purchased at least 6 years ago, I put it in a shallow pot almost immediately. I haven’t tried wiring or anything drastic besides a couple root prunings and a focus on reducing leaf size. I’m wondering if I repotted my ficus now and used a specific fertilizer to invigorate smaller denser shoots (or something) could I get density. Or should I shoot for something else and try carving my trunk or creating a better aesthetic line from another branch? Any tips are very welcome! Thanks!

I should say “I wonder if I repotted it in a lager pot**”

For some of us who do own tropicals, in other words ficus, repotting is done mainly during early summer but you can put it in a slightly larger pot. I always grow mine out in a nursery pot and allow the roots to escape. In fall I sever the escape roots and bring them indoors and leave them alone, they are more prone to root rot and infestation during winter. For ramification, during spring fertilize well and defoliate during summer on strong growing trees.

The use of fertilizer will likely lead to a healthier more vigorous growth. Not smaller leaves and denser ramification. However, if you couple that with mid summer defoliation, that will encourage new smaller leaves and a crop of finer branches.
keep your pruning and cut back to the winter and seal your cuts.
The stronger plant from fertilization will respond better to cutback and defoliation. A bit bigger pot while developing the tree will give it more root reserves to respond with.

Thanks for the replies! Any notes and/or tips about styling my ficus ? Anything’s appreciated