Re-wired waiting till spring repot in regular soil

I rewired with copper wow what a difference, and I have a good amount if aluminum I’ll save for my deciduous trees. So I realize that the pot I have my white and red pine is just used as place holder with extra added compost and cedar mulch till proper repot. What I’m asking is since it was just potted up with ordinary nursery soil , will this still be acceptable for pines till I do a 2/3 soil and root change for spring? I’m using the same pot my small red pine is in , and getting a smaller for my tall white pine, making sure they don’t get over watered or tampered with till then .

Unless the tree is particularly weak from multiple repottings, I’d want to get the tree into good bonsai soil this coming spring. I usually remove no more than 50% of the old soil in these initial repottings.