Recipe for Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Insect Control

(bflin) #1

Hey Jonas,

You had a post mentioning the use of Imidacloprid for controlling pests (eg aphids). Do you have new insights to its use, i.e. safe concentration for bonsais (of all sorts) and application method. The question is geared towards imdacloprid and not necessarily Bayer’s formula, unless that is the only one using that active :slight_smile:


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

No new insights - I’ve used it on its own and in one of the Bayer products without any adverse effects. I have yet to test different concentrations and varieties as I tend to follow the instructions on the label.

(Raymond Mack) #3

I’ve used the Bayer product which works very well. However I will not use it on Chinese elm or privet, it hurt them both. The elm’s leaves started yellowing and falling off and the privet was weak all season. (I’ve heard that you should not use on Chinese Elm but forgot).

Not positive it was the cause of these problems but could not identify any other factors and these are very vigorous species. Besides these 2 issues (which I consider operator error) it is a great product.

But… I am concerned about using the product again. It’s reported that imidicloprid kills the bees. This however is a topic for another discussion.