Red pine tips not looking good

Any ideas? Tips are grey black and yellow
A little backround : I bought it this year, it was field grown and still has that soil (not good bonsai soil)
I removed only 1 branch about a month ago

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If you repot the tree this year in good soil I’d expect next year’s needles to look better. I’d also spray fungicide when the new needles come out to rule out fungus as the needles lower down on the branch look more yellow than I’d like to see.

It just starting getting really rainy and cold lately and that is when they started getting like this.
I will definitely be repotting in spring, I just wanted to make sure it will make it till then. I have seen yellowing of needles but black has me worried.

Is it normal for the pine needles on Japanese black and red pine to get a little yellow right now? I have a few that have yellow needles now too.

@Orion-Potts Yes, definitely. The touch of cold we’ve had is enough to start turning pines - red, black and white - yellow. If one is planning to exhibit a pine this winter, now’s the time to get the tree under some shelter, if it isn’t already there.

@ion Feel free to repot any time between now and mid February - sooner might be better.