Refinement of Pinus Thunbergii (JBP)

Jonas, Thank you for taking my questions:

Now, question: I have two that I’ve wanted to begin some nice refinement on (more on styling later) with regards to overall needles and back budding.

As you hopefully can see from the photos I’d cut the needles on last years growth to give me an idea of what things might look like as I ramify the branches and now that they look well budded, I want to ask:

With the new back buds: Just leave 'em alone this year?

With the larger candles showing in photos: Should I just let them develop into needles and cut per your ‘decandle’ blog, ie after they open and produce needles, cut the stem per middle and wait for 2 buds to appear? And then just open into new shoots as the season develops?

IMG_9284: General overall appearance of this tree. New front as shown with marker. Shorten left branch. Create and move rounded crown to the right.

IMG_9285: Three types of buds…should I just leave the back buds alone and try to decandle the longer ones?

I thank you for your most kind response. If I had a truck I’d drive the trees over. (Truck is planned for future).

IMG_9274: leave until the fully open then cut on the stem half way as your blog?
not sure how to post the images here…
thank you

Hi Vance - not sure why the photos didn’t take, feel free to try again.

At most I’d decandle just a few of the largest shoots. It might be better to let everything grow this year so the trees can gain some strength. I’d water carefully and start fertilizing right away if you haven’t already.

I also noticed the tips of some needles are yellow. This often happens when there’s old soil in the pot. Do you think this might be the case?

These were taken about 10 days ago and are now proceeding
quite well. However I have cut many of the longer candels (not shown) per the 1/2 on the portion of the stem that has no needles forming. I wish to have moderate size needles on the trees but don’t want to jeopardize the wonderful amount of budding that is all over them.
I have repotted this tree as of a few days ago and it is showing nice vigor. Thank you for your most kind and welcome advice.

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