Reply for ramification of hinoki cypress,

Apologia for lateness of response: life intervened. Enclosed R pix of earlier
discussed hinoki on (blush) Feb 3. Jonas requested photos and belatedly, here they are. Just removed wiring of one years duration and springly the tree wants to be a tree. Selection of pics accompany my query of how to get ramification/

for thickening without dieback(hopefully). I’ve had this tree almost two years and it is definitely ‘work in progress’. Thanx 4 any help/suggestions. !

I think you’ve chosen a good style for the tree, and I don’t know that I’d make major changes. At most I’d consider a slightly different front or angle but I don’t expect it’d be far from what you have now (and it’s hard to say based on a single photo!)

The main thing at this point is to increase the tree’s vigor. I’d hold off on any pruning or wiring for a year or two until you see long, vigorous shoots and full, deep green foliage. Working on the tree before it recovers its health could really slow things down.

I have been hand pruning the second division of fronds. Should I cease that also?

I’d wait to prune until the tree is growing vigorously.