[Repot now, after summer or next year?] Pinus Mugo Bonsai Grown From Seeds - 4 months old now

(Margot) #1

Hi everybody !

I’m very new to the Bonsai activity and would like to seek advice on how to proceed with my 4 months old Pinus Mugo seeds (I’m based in London) : I’ve been offered the Bonsai Trio Kit in December 4 months after I planted them (indoor), here I have 2 Pinus Mugo getting out : they’re so tiny and fragile, and roots are now slightly exceeding the peat pot :

  1. should I repot them now in a bigger pot ? I have all material ready, I’m just not sure before summer it is a good idea.
  2. should I separate the seedlings ?

I’m reading lots of different thing over the internet (repotting now or after summer, or even next year), and I’ve also bought the Bonsai Guide from Harry Tomlinson but overall I find very little information on the repotting for such young seedlings : what are your thoughts on this ?

If you have any blog/website to recommend for early stage bonsai, please feel free to share them as I would love to know more :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any extra info - below area couple of images from the seedlings :slight_smile:

I found a similar situation here but since it was not at the same season and not exactly the same species, I wanted to ask for advice :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help!

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The seedlings look like they are healthy and growing well. If they’re sill indoors, I’d take them outside immediately as they need sun and fresh air to keep growing (they can only last so long indoors).

As for the repotting, the main thing to keep in mind is how often they’re drying out. When the seedlings are small like this, the current container is fine. As they grow, the roots will fill the container and dry out more quickly.

Timing-wise they can be repotted at any time as long as they are watered properly afterwards. I’d likely repot them sooner rather than later to get them into a soil with less organic matter (more volcanic particles like pumice, scoria and akadama are common ingredients).

Here are a couple of articles on the topic. There aren’t many details as the process is pretty straight forward.

(Margot) #3

Thank you so much Jonas for your precious help ! sorry I just read your answer now.

I am going to repot both pinus before this summer so they get time to enjoy the sun ! I’ve followed your advice and put them outside from now :slight_smile:

Quick question though :

  1. Should I keep both together or separate them ? I have not seen the roots yet but I’m guessing both roots might have mixed up by now

  2. I’ve seen a lot of video of repotting for mature Pinus (3/4 year) where the owner cut the roots (because they’re huge !), since mine are so small, should I cut a bit the roots ? I can see in the second link you’ve sent the owner has not cut the roots but instead has zigzagued them inside the put, is this what you recommend as well ?

I appreciate your help so much !!

(Jonas Dupuich) #4
  1. I’d separate them (unless you want to keep them together). It likely won’t make much difference now but it will make a difference when they get older (their roots will be further tangled down the road).

  2. If there aren’t many roots, I wouldn’t cut. If there are lots of roots I’d cut them back a bit. Cutting the roots can make for an improved root base in the future but it can make it harder to keep the trees healthy in the short term. The safest approach is to preserve the roots for the time being and start making improvements when the trees are stronger.