Repotting a birdsnest spruce

Does anyone have experience with birdsnest spruce? If so, when is the best time to repost and what should I be carefull of?


I haven’t worked with them but I’d expect the best repotting time to be just before they start growing in spring.

Here is the spruce. As u can see, the pot is cracked and taped up. I got her for free at the nursery. They were gonna toss it! Any one have thoughts for bonsai potential.


If you can jin the lower branches and still have enough foliage up higher to make the canopy there might be something fun in there!

I have one similar size was in the garden for many years. I dug it out in Autumn and it has done well. now leaving it for another year to rebuild strength it last masses of roots. Think we have similar problems with foliage well away from the trunk.
Might have a go at grafting some lower down Good luck you have a great tree there

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