Repotting a Eugenia - brush cherry

(Jr Doucet) #1

I just repotted my Eugenia Myrtifolia (Brush Cherry). I’ve read that it should be in full shade afterwards. Any truth to this? Any advice? Or should i keep it in same spot which was south facing windowsill?

I obtained this tree from a nursery after xmas and it’s been growing in full force since. I only repotted it because the roots were starting to peek out from bottom of small plastic pot.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

In general, I’d expect the tree could handle the same sun now as it had before repotting as it’s still early in the year. I’d be careful, however, about cooking the tree as sunshine through windows on cool days can get pretty warm. If the temps are reasonable, the tree will do well with some sun.

Apart from all of that, I don’t know how well eugenia do indoors as I’ve only grown them outdoors.

(Jr Doucet) #3

I think you’re right about it getting cooked. The day after repotting, i had it in the same south window and it started looking awful. Leaves were all drooping downwards and losing colour. I put it in a west facing window with a humidity dome and it bounced right back within a day. It already looks like it can handle more sun but i’ll give it another week or two. Thanks for reply.


What soil mixture did you use to re-pot your Brush Cherry?

(Jr Doucet) #5

40% lava rick, 40% turface, 20% pine bark. That’s my go-to mixture. I’ll upload a pic when i get a chance.