Repotting a jbp which has an active air-layer

(tim) #1

Hi. Can i repot a jbp while it has an active layer? It was set in autumn(april 2015). It is early spring here by us and the candles on the layer are growing much stronger than those on the main tree. I can not check for root development as i would have to break off the little plastic pot. Any advice pls. Thanks. Tim.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I try to avoid repotting trees being layered as the idea is to encourage the most vigorous growth possible, but a gentle repotting (in which not too many roots are removed) could be ok. I also typically start layers in spring - a couple of months after repotting - but I haven’t tried a layer with black pine so I don’t know how it might work in different seasons.

Another option is to slip the pot off and set the rootball in a larger container with only minimal root-work around the edges of the rootball.

I don’t know of many black pine air layers that have worked. Is there no way to check for roots by digging through the soil?

(tim) #3

as you can see the layer is growing much stronger than the tree. I removed it earlier today. It some roots but i moved it to a bigger pot with almost no disturbance to the new roots.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Sounds good about the layer. As for repotting the tree itself, I wouldn’t do much root work as the candles have already started extending. The best time to repot black pine is just before the candles begin to move. Now that they’ve extended a bit, severe root pruning can really slow the tree down.