Repotting an early phase JBP

I have interest in getting the native soil off of my JBP soon. I removed 1/3 of the base dirt this past spring and repotted. As a result of experience gained this growing season, I would be a happier camper if I could remove the rest of the native soil ASAP. Several advantages have accrued on conifers that have had all native soil removed in favor of akadama, etc. The main one that I like is that I’m more comfortable about the water status of my root ball with all one variety of substrate in said ball.
Too verbose. Can I repot every year until I have dismissed all native soil from my JBP or, would that be too stressful? FYI My JBP is in first stage of trunk thickening

How much soil you can remove depends on how old the tree is and how many roots there are. If the tree is only a few years old and you have lots of roots in the 1/3 you replaced last time, you can safely remove the rest of the old soil next time.

My usual approach is to remove half one year and then remove the other half 1-2 years later, depending on the age and health of the tree.

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What a treat. An island of common sense in the sea of anarchy. Thanx

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