Repotting Bald Cypress in the Fall

I’ve been collecting Bald Cypress in the Fall/Winter in Texas for many years with a pretty good success rate>95%.

So if collecting in Fall/Winter is THE time to collect, why not re-pot established bonsai (read; bald cypress) during to same time frame?

I hear you can’t do that cause the roots freeze! Well, the BC roots freeze while growing along the river, too!
The best time to plant a garden tree is the FALL so roots get established. I’m thinking it’s the same for my trees.

I re-potted a large BC over the weekend, and my bet is that it will be just fine come Spring.

Your thoughts?

I’m guessing it’ll be just fine too - my question is whether or not the tree would be slightly better off by waiting until spring.

The main reason late winter or early spring is the standard repotting time is that cut roots can begin healing immediately as opposed to waiting through winter before they start callusing. Plus, roots get much colder in pots than they do in the ground which can make them more susceptible to damage.

Will look forward to seeing how this tree does in spring!

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I believe it would be better off repotting in the spring but the question about collecting and repotting in the Fall has bugged me for years. That and the fact that new pots showed up at my house pushed me to see to try. We shall see…

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