Repotting Bloodwood Acer and Haru No Hibiki Azalea

Hello! I am a beginner in bonsai. Sorry if these specific plants have been asked before. I was curious as to what time of the year it is best to repot azaleas and Bloodwood Acer? I just got some new ones today and felt it’s best to ask before I end up killing my new plants on accident. I did find that spring is best for the azalea on google, so correct me if that’s incorrect! If it helps, I am in the Sacramento, California area [zone 9]. So any additional tips and information you have for me and these types of plants is very helpful! I have the correct soils, some rock cover, bonsai style and nursery pots in case they need to grow some more as well as wires, mesh, and a nice set of stainless steel tools!

Thank you so much in advance!

The best time to repot both plants would be in January or February in your area. It looks like they’ll do well in their current pots in the meantime as they both appear to have room to grow.

FYI there are several great bonsai clubs in the Sacramento area - they can be a good resource for any questions that come up along the way.


Thank you so much! I am apart of one of the Sacramento Bonsai groups via Facebook. I know they have meet ups I’ve yet to attend thanks to quarantine.

Really appreciate the advice! I didn’t want this azalea to end up fried like my last one!

ABAS is hosting virtual sessions these days - I’ll be doing a program for them this coming Sunday at 2pm.

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I had just found that out prior to getting this reply! I’ll be sure to watch!