Repotting olives

(Jason osborne) #1

I recently bought a couple of olives from California. I live in Florida. Is it okay to repot these trees into better soil for my region. Also do you partially defoliate the tree or completely defoliate? Thanks

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Could you say more about why you’re looking to defoliate? Am also curious what soil you’re planning to use.

(Jason osborne) #3

I was always under the impression that you should remove a certain amount of growth in top of the tree to balance what roots are pruned during repotting. At least, this is standard practice with tropicals. Perhaps the olive does not require such a practice? I was planning on using lava, pumice and expanded clay.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

The soil sounds good, though I’m not as familiar with the expanded clay. I haven’t defoliated olive during repotting - or at other times - and the trees do well after repotting. They are one of the hardier varieties when it comes to repotting, provided they are healthy.