Rooting Hormone Cuttings Soak - 24 Hours

I’ve read Jonas’ enlightening blog post here:

I’ve also seen this Japanese guy’s videos:

He soaks his cuttings for a whopping 24 hours (some vids, up to 48 hours iirc), with 0.40% IBA(iirc) in a 40x water dilution.
In some videos, he even shows the bottle’s instructions (Japanese brands) and the actual bottle indeed says 6-24 hour soak recommended.

What’s your guy’s take on this very long 24hr soak?

Iirc, all the American brand rooting-hormone instructions say only 5min. soak at most… but this guy and also the Japanese brand instructions say much longer soak times.

It seems to work very well, judging by all his videos.

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I don’t pretend to know anything about rooting hormone but it is common practise in the florist trade to immerse cut stems in water (up to and including buds) for an extended period (24-48 hours) prior to arranging. I generally do it with most cuttings.
Do you know if the hormone works throughout plant tissue or just where you hope to have roots grow?

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Cool video, thanks for sharing! I didn’t realize we could soak for so long. What I remember from some test runs was that I could leave cuttings in rooting solutions for 5 or 10 times longer than recommended and get really good results which, along with the juniper video, suggests that some woody species may benefit from extra long soaks. I’m curious to give it a try!

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Wish I knew before I started all of my cuttings this year! Haha.

Also, wish Dip N Grow was cheaper. Know of any other liquid rooting-hormones?

The Japanese guy in the videos is using 0.40% IBA at 40x dilution. I think their Japanese brand bottles instructions say that too.

DpNGrow is 1.0% IBA (but also 0.5% Napthaleneacetic Acid)
…but, just getting a comparable dilution equivalent with the 1.0% IBA, the dilution rate would be 100x instead (since 1.0% IBA is 2.5x stronger than 0.40% IBA… so multiply 40x dilution * 2.5x = 100x dilution… correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not good at math lol).

If this is the case, just 1 tbs(0.5oz) should make about 0.4gal of solution for the cuttings to swim and soak in! I think that’d be well enough per big bowl and cuttings-session.

Found it! …the video that shows the bottle’s chart for recommended dilution-rates and soak-times for different plants.

It’s Bayer brand (which we don’t have in the US anyways)… but, it’s in Japanese and for Japanese market.

Cool, will check out the video. As for the math, I’ll leave that for someone else to check :slight_smile:

There are different brands that are popular in different parts of the country and I haven’t used enough to know much about the differences.

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