ROR JBP direction

Hi Jonas and everybody,
This is a 2.5 year old JBP from seed.
I did a semi cutting treatment to it in the first year and in the second year (about 8 months ago) it was planted on this rock in a colander.
It looks like it’s got a good grip on the rock (there is a plateau hidden under the soil line and it’s situated on it) also part of the trunk is wedged in a crack and there is a root going to the back that is completely locked in place.
Also, in general, it’s possible to see the overall design direction and there are branches in excellent locations…
I would appreciate an experienced eye on what to do in the near future. I would hate to miss something on the way.
I want the right branch to lean on the rock and get thick and heavy. should I wier it now? how far in (closer to the trunk) can I expect it to back bud later on?
Regarding a sacrifice and a leader, it looks like the main trunk line is both at the moment. should I do something about it?

Hi Shay - a couple of things come to mind. The first is the relationship between the lower trunk and the rock. It might be nice if there were some movement or interest in this area as it’s the most important part of the tree. It sounds like the roots growing over the rock will be nice just below this point, but not sure what to do with this section unless you were open to wiring it into an interesting shape.

In general, trunks are either fused to the rock or growing away from it.

As for the branches above, now if a fine time to select a leader, maybe in light of a decision about movement in the lower section. Either of the three side branches could make good leaders depending on how the tree is wired.

As for buds pushing, I wouldn’t expect that unless you cut into the needles (i.e. shorten a branch but still leave some needles that can push needle buds) around this time of year.

Looks like a fun project!

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for the reply.
I was thinking in this direction:

I can lean the right branch on the rock instead of the whole trunk…
The thing with this branch is that I want it to be thick and still ramified close to the trunk. Is this possible? How do I achieve that? If I cut it now it will slow the thickening right?
It might be a little high at the moment. Maybe I can add a twist to the trunk in order to lower its exit point and by that add the movement you are talking about.
Thanks again.

Ha, that’s a great tree! I think something in this direction could work for your pine, though the effect will be quite different as it’s on a much smaller scale.

Cutting back hard to force new buds won’t cause any problems, it just might slow things down a bit. You can always let branches run later.

As for the height of the branch, your idea about adding a bend to the trunk could be a good way to get this branch down to the level of the stone. It might be a tricky bend as there is a stone in the way, but the tree is young enough that I don’t think it will be a problem.

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I think I’ll wait with the bend till winter. Its too hot now for this now, I think…
And I’ll cut back now. Is it possible to lose a branch this way?
I’ll update later on.

When cutting back into old needles, there’s always a chance that no needle buds will appear. If you decandle and/or cutback all of the branches, I’d expect new buds all over. The main thing is to not cut below the needles (i.e. make sure to leave some needles when you make the cut).

If you cutback now, it’s an OK time to wire too.

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Hi Jonas,
Did it a week ago and the buds at the large leader/sacrifice have turned upwards so I think I am in the clear (:smile:
Everything I though of doing changed as I progressed… The formal right branch turned to the back, a back branch popped up to become a new leader and another one is going left now. I know that the sacrifice branch is facing the front but thought it could be a nice thick jin later on…
Added a line drawing to clarify my thoughts. There is another branch going to the back and right. It could add some depth and a green spot on the low right side of the rock.
Apologize for the wiring mess. There was no anchor available and I had to circle the rock for that.
I am also thinking of adding a guy wire to pull down the trunk line closer to the rock.

Thank you for your support!!
Any thoughts?

Looks good Shay - and wow, the needles are so long! Looking forward to seeing this progress.

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Its getting plenty of sun and fertilization…:sun_with_face:

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