ROR on Black pine

G’day Jonas and all, Can i please ask you something about root over rock on the black pine. Should i only use Spagnum moss wrap with cling wrap or i should i use clay instead?

Thank you

If you use moss, the trick will be to avoid getting the moss between the roots and the rock. As long as the roots make contact with the stone, some moss may be fine.

I haven’t tried this with plastic wrap. I usually see people tie the roots to the rock so they can still be exposed to the soil. Will be curious to hear how your approach works!

I can share what did and didn’t work for me. What didn’t work was to secure the roots to the rock with wire. When the roots grow, the wire leaves indentations in the roots. What has worked (so far as I’m still experimenting) is securing the roots with jute twine, which rots quickly not scaring the roots, then surrounding the roots and rock with aluminum foil, leaving the bottom open to be able to set the ROR on the soil in a container. Be sure to go back and squeeze the foil around the roots so that they “stick” to the rock as they grow. You don’t want any daylight between the root and rock when it’s all done. When I water, I check down under the foil to make sure that it gets water and to make sure that the roots are behaving under there.

That sounds like a cool approach - I hadn’t heard of using foil before. Thanks for sharing!