Ryozo Nomura and Mas Ishi and Robert Harrington?

Hi All,

I posted this to Bnut but so far no reply. I’m looking for some information and I think casting a wide net may be a good approach. In 2007 Bonsai Society of San Francisco member John Pennington penned a history article about the BSSF logo tree. The tree has quite a back story which you can read Pennington’s version of here if you’re interested:


Note that I’ve already added two notes at the top of the article.

I was contacted by Robert J. Barran of the Phoenix Bonsai Society who also acts as a bonsai historian. See a quite impressive history here:


So, here are my questions:

  1. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of Ryozo Nomura, a grafting expert from Southern California (born 1899) likely deceased, but unknown. ? He may have been the teacher of Mas Ishi.
  2. Does anyone know who Robert Harrington was? Apparently he died in the 1980’s but John Pennington’s article contains other errors so I’m not sure about this. Pennington’s article states that he was notable in the SoCal scene in the 1970’s. I believe I may have been contacted by Harrington’s granddaughter a few years ago but I have no record of this unfortunately.
  3. Shot in the dark - anyone have anything to add to this timeline that is not covered?