Scots pine pruning

(Gilad Sivan ) #1

Hi Jonas,

I have bought young Scots pines that are very vigorous . however, they are very top heavy and I would like to build the tree from one of the lower branches , which are much weaker. I want to remove gradually the top branches to strengthen them but not sure about the timing - when is it best to do so? how much is safe as not to harm the tree vigor?



(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Early spring is a good time to remove heavy branches. I’ll often remove the topmost branches and reduce some of the other branches to encourage growth in the branches I want to keep. How much you can remove depends on the health of the tree. Removing any branches will reduce the vigor to some extent, but that’s necessary to get the lower branches stronger.

If the soil is poor, getting the roots into good soil at repotting time will help too.

(Gilad Sivan ) #3

Will that be better than waiting for new growth to elongate first before the pruning?

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I’d look to cut right before or right as they start to grow in spring to give the wounds more time to heal and to encourage the weaker shoots as soon as possible.

(clive bennett) #5

I was in the same position last autumn. I cut the top of the tree about 2 inches leaving 2 side branches at the new top and 1 very week small branch a couple of inches from the base. This spring (now in the UK) I have an embarrasing number of candles top and bottom (approximately 20 candles at the top 15 at the base. I have removed 10 at the top and will leave all the candles at the bottom. That little branch is already looking stronger