Seaweed solutions

(Mert Çiftdemir) #1

Hi Jonas,
What do you think about liquid seaweed based solutions (seasol, seaweed-x etc.) to encourage root formation and to enrich the soil?
Second question, is it OK to use them in sick plants?
Third and the last, is it OK to use them in autumn and early winter?

(Raymond Mack) #2

I think seaweed is very good for plants. I’ve used it regularly the last 2 years and my trees have been very happy.

For a sick plant: using seaweed emulsion will be fine (I always follow the directions)

OK for autumn and early winter? I don’t think it would hurt but not sure if it would have any benefit this late in season. Let’s see what others say,

(Mert Çiftdemir) #3

Thank you for the answer. It is helpful for me. I think it’s better to wait till early spring.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I’m not familiar with these seaweed products so I don’t have strong recommendations relating to how or when to use them.

As for the sick plants, the big question is what’s making them sick - that might be a clue to whether or not the seaweed products could help.

Would love to see some research relating to the effectiveness of these solutions.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #5

Thank you Jonas for the response. The biggest cause of sick plants in my experience is overwatering and incorrect timing. Seaweed won’t cure that of course :wink: