Seedling Cutting Experiment

Since I have no confident that the young pine is going to survive the potting (ref. to thread here) I have decided to try root cutting (?) on one of the young pine as worse case is it will die and loss of time/effort.

So, I cut away ~2/3 from root and coated with some root hormone at the tip and some to the hole before I insert it to the tiny hole.

I’ll just keep trying with lots of waiting.

Advice welcome!

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Looks good - where are you keeping it? (inside, outside, greenhouse, etc.)

At this stage I try to avoid letting the cutting dry out without overwatering as too much water is no good either.

Since i live in an apartment i put it near the window with no direct sun so hope this is ok condition and i’ll make sure without over watering it except just to keep the soil most.


Ben, congrats for keeping it growing!
I have grown many JBP from seed, both indoors and outdoors. Eventually yours should go outside because if kept inside they will struggle and not thrive at all.
My two cents!

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life (of bonsai) is tough but challenging, have to keep trying and trying…only thing is time wasted :frowning:

So far so good! Looks like the tree has responded well to the change.

No, actually it dried up and is dead! think it was i left it on purpose under morning sun just a couple hrs and as a result.

So lesson learnt is that to avoid direct sun is harmful in my environment, under shade is safer in the beginning of seedling cutting?

Aftercare is important, gradual transition to increased sunlight helps, protection of moisture levels helps, shredded sphagnum on the surface helps, misting helps.
It takes less time to care for seedling cuttings in a controlled envireonment initially!
Once they have struck roots and recovered ( new growth pushing) they are much easier to transition to the sun and outdoor air movement. But they still need to stay moist. The first growing season can be slow but they quickly catch up due to the increased root system.

noted and thanks for the advice. I shall start new batch of seeding soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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