Seeking help about ID and styling

(Mert Çiftdemir) #1

Hi to all,
I have a small coniferous tree. Please help me about its identification. I’m thinking that it is a kind of fir. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. And also I need help for styling. Any idea about styling this guy will make me happy.


Looks more like a yew to me. If the needles are diamond shaped in cross section it’s a spruce. If the needles are flat, the tip is pointed and there is not a white line on the underside of the needle, it’s probably a yew. Flat, rounded and white line = fir

(Mert Çiftdemir) #3

I took closer photos. Now I think it is a kind of spruce. Right?


Yup, definitely a spruce

(Justin) #5

no its a pine. kinda looks like some type of Spanish pine…they sell those for Christmas trees. i got one myself

(Frank Corrigan) #6

It appears the buds are alternating in position, the needle shape, bud shape and overall appearance fit a spruce in my mind. Always trickier in photos though.
Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Formal upright style would be my suggestion.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #7

Yes, exactly dwarf Alberta spruce. Thanks a lot…