Shidare 3 in 1 color flower tree

(dave) #1

Dear Master Jonas,

recently i bought a new tree, they call it shidare.
i tried to googling but cannot find the correct information out of it.

can you help me with this tree, the latin name or famous name for this tree.
what kind of soil i must use ( i live in jakarta,indonesia)
and any information for this kind of tree would be appriciat.

the image i attach is not my tree, but its the same tree that i bought and have 3 color of flowers

thank you

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Shidare can mean “weeping” or “drooping” - something with branches that hang down. A number of different varieties can take a weeping form. Ume (flowering apricot, Prunus mume), cherry and willow can all be shidare. Was there another name besides shidare?

The flowers look like they could be ume but the leaves look different. That said, it’s hard to tell from the photo.

As for the three colors, I’d guess the tree has been grafted.

(dave) #3

i dont have any other name, the seller only told me shidare 3 color.
let me add some photos.
this one is the real photos of the tree that i bought

(bflin) #4

Leaves look cherry-esque?

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Thanks, this is great - it looks like the tag says Nanjing (or Nanking) flowering peach (Prunus persica). That explains the leaf shape.

The flowers are beautiful!

For soil, I’d recommend whatever works well in your area for deciduous fruiting or flowering bonsai. Possibly volcanic soils like lava or pumice mixed with something like akadama, were it available, to retain more moisture.

(dave) #6

wow your japanese language is very good and i dont notice the lable until you mention it.

thank you master Jonas :slight_smile:

(dave) #7

Dear master jonas,
Do you have any article or link about flowering bonsai trees that i can read about?

I never dealt with flowering bonsai before.

Thank you

(Jonas Dupuich) #8

Here are some articles about a flowering apricot (Prunus mume):

And here are some about a plum:

(dave) #9

Thank you Jonas :+1: