Shopping for A Watering Wand

(Jeremiah Lee ) #1

In an older BT post, Jonas talks about a new watering wand he got. ki ra ra – GNS. I am currently looking for a new one and have a few related questions.

  1. Is it possible to control the amount of water and the amount of force that the water comes out with this style of watering wand? Can you buy some type of attachment to control the volume that comes out and acts as a shut off value?

  2. Has anyone tried the Kyozen? Looks like a good quality product for about $170 shipped. Link-

  3. Anyone found the ki ra ra – GNS in the US?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2
  1. I can think of two ways to control the amount of water that comes out with this style sprinkler head - you can turn the volume up or down at the spigot (that works for me) or you can install a valve just ahead of the sprinkler.

  2. I have a Kyozen available at a very good price if you’re interested. The head is smaller than you’d expect - it’s about 3cm across in diameter. The spray is very gentle. I’ll have it (along with a full line of bonsai tools) at the BIB exhibit.

  3. I haven’t found the kirara in the states but can bring some back from Japan if they’re available - I’ll be there on a shopping trip next month.

Has anyone else seen the kirara around?

(Jeremiah Lee ) #3

I have a couple of these Dramm shut off valves, that I use with my current Masakuni watering wand which I really like. However the Masakuni wand is threaded onto this shut off value. Maybe it’s a stupid question, but would this Dramm shut off value work with the Kirara?

I’m sure my non-Bonsai friends would think I was crazy for caring this much about the tools I use for watering. However, I rationalize spending the money on a really nice one, as it’s the only Bonsai tool i’ll use every day and now that I have a much larger are for trees, it could save me alot of time in the long run.

I’m assuming you like the Kirara better than the Kyozen? I just asked a friend in Japan to see if he can find the Kirara, however I don’t know if he can. I would like to get this wand! I’m sure i’ll see you at the BIB show. Shopping trip in Japan hu, i’m very jealous!

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

So I just hooked up the Kyozen and I really like it. The main difference between the kirara and the kyozen is that the kirara shoots a greater volume of water - nice when you have a really large collection (mine is getting there) but not an issue for more rational sized collections. I also like the greater control the kyozen offers.

I connect the kyozen and kirara by inserting the fixture in a cut-off section of hose. A valve could be inserted just below where the nozzle fits into the hose - not as graceful as a threaded connection but functional. Considering how much better I like the quality nozzles, I’m happy with the trade-off.

One big thing to note about the differences between nozzles is that the kyozen nozzle is well protected - better than the kirara - and if anything happens to it it’s easy to take apart and replacement parts are available. After 4 years of banging my kirara around a few leaks appeared such that the head needs to be resoldered (or glued) to stop the leaks.

(Bill Daniels) #5

on question 1 The city is required to product 60psi of water in city. There is a tool you can buy [ i bought mine at Urban farmers] there it fits on the hose and it reduces the pressure. mine cuts the pressure in half. So now I have a softer flow of water.