Should I cut it or not

(Carl) #1

I’ve got two questions:

I did a small cut on my bonsai, and I saw that the cambium is still green, is it still alive?

Second one is - I don’t know if my bonsai is dying - but it is curling and wilted, should I remove these leaves?

Thanks for replies. Have a good day bonsai experts~

p.s. I don’t want my bonsai to dieeee :frowning: please help meeee

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

It looks like either the tree dried out or the repotting was too stressful for the tree. You can pull or cut the dried leaves. The main thing now is to wait and see if the tree can send out new buds. This may take a couple weeks. In the meantime, make sure the soil is moist - not too wet or too dry.

When you water, wet the soil completely, and then give the tree time to dry out a bit before watering again.

(Carl) #3

Hmm, thank you so much. I’ll continue watering it and maintain it wet all the time. Hope that it will bloom again one day.

(Ανδρέας Γάβρης) #4

I would suggest that, after breaking the dead branches, cover it with a black bag that you will put well under the pot. Do not give water again, just wait until you see new branches.
The black bag is the best way to help a tree give new vegetation.

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

I’ve seen trees fried in black bags and I’ve seen the technique work too. It’s one of a number of options. Tony Tickle has written about the technique:

(Ανδρέας Γάβρης) #6

This technique I had in mind, which I learned from my teacher, Enrico Savini, that goes a little further. After removing the black bag, we cover the tree with a transparent one in which we have holes. We remove the bag completely when the branches are 10-15 cm long.
I have 12 trees in a bag and no one has cooked.
I hope they will not be cooked in the future as well. :slight_smile: