Sick Japanese white pine


Hi, I quite new to this world of bonsai (just over a year). The first tree I bought was a Japanese white pine and it all went quite good until last week when I noticed something was going terribly wrong: the needles had started to get a light green color and the browning from the tips. Although most of them seem to be somehow lost, there are a few left who are green. Can someone help me ? I looked on the web and came to the conclusion it must be winter burn (in Switzerland we had a few quite cold weeks), but I would be glad for some advice on how to reanimate my tree. It is my baby and I would be really upset if it would die.

(Justin) #2

when did it get wired??? are over watering? what is the soil you are using?


It did get wired in January
I actually thought under watered (we had really cold, windy weather with a bright sun the past few weeks)
The soil is only akadama (i did a fake repot (there were roots coming out the drainage holes, so i only putted it in a new pot)

(Justin) #4

mmmm maybe the wire damaged the tree, along with the cold weather? hard to tell. did you spray it with anything? it might be under water also…

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

The buds actually look good from what I can see. If the change in color followed the cold snap that’s a likely suspect. White pines can typically handle freezing temperatures though I’d recommend protecting trees that have recently wired by keeping them above freezing.

The main thing at this point is to watch the watering carefully. The idea is to keep the tree not too wet and not too dry. If you dig into the soil a bit with a finger to where the roots are it should be moist, not bone dry or sopping wet.

You’ll find out soon how the tree is doing if the buds start moving when it warms up.

(Justin) #6

could also be a fungus.

(Raymond Mack) #7

JWP are not the easiest tree, 5 needle pines can be a headache. Good luck