Small chinese elm neagari han-kengai

As this little exposed roots mame elm was repotted last Spring, it went from a weird slant style to a semi-cascade (sort of).
Any hints or suggestions for its ramification development?


Fun tree! Two things come to mind:

  1. Improve the branch ramification by cutting back new shoots to 1/4" 2-3 times a year (or more if the tree grows quickly

  2. As the density improves, you can focus on the tree’s outline, possibly by creating a roughly triangular silhouette

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Using the tips from Jonas, work towards reducing the foliage and moving into the interior. Smaller in proportion to suit the trunk and roots.

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Jonas, Frank, thanks for the inputs.
I’ve been pruning it to the second leaves when it extends for more than 7 or 8 pairs, but the ramification is just not happening the way I was expecting…
Perhaps I am being too hasty. Patience is a virtue, I guess.

That’s a good catch Clicio - it may be that the tree isn’t healthy enough to push as much as you’re looking for. One approach is to let the tree grow freely until you are certain you have lots of roots before you begin regular pruning. Once you know there are lots of roots and the tree is healthy, you can begin with the regular pruning. Depending on your weather, this might be one time, two times, or three (or more) times a year.

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