Small white bugs on side of pot (nighttime)

I recently received a red pine at a workshop at the recent ABS/HBS convention. Yesterday, I noticed small white bugs under a fertilizer tea bag around 6:00 PM and removed the tea bag. I discovered the same white bugs moving around the outside of the pot tonight (picture attached).

I’m unfamiliar with these bugs. Are they dangerous to the tree? And, if so, what is the best treatment?

Thanks in advance.

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I wonder if they’re soil mites - small creatures that nibble on organic matter in the soil. I haven’t seen them around here so they might have been attracted to the fertilizer (MicroLife) that was applied in Houston a month or so ago. I suspect they’re treatable with most pesticides, including soaps and oils.

Ah, makes sense. Following the removal of the MicroLife the day before there was a pretty significant reduction in the little white bugs last night. I will do a soil drench (probably neem oil) as a precaution before I reapply fresh fertilizer. Thanks!

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Update - it appears the white bugs were just attracted to one of the fertilizer bags. After removing the two fertilizer bags and making sure the pot wasn’t overly wet, the quantity of white bugs at night progressively decreased and were completely gone after approximately four days. I reapplied new MicroLife fertilizer a few days after their disappearance and haven’t noticed any of these bugs since.

Since they disappeared fairly quickly I decided against using neem oil.