Soil PH and Water PH Requirements for Japanese Black Pine

Hi I’ve Been Using the Treated Water with the PH of 6.4 for all my Black Pines But Just recently one of the member in our Club told me that Black Pine needs a Soil PH of 5.5-6.5 Too and not Only the Water PH.

Coz she Said Japanese Black Pine Has a Water PH & Soil PH Requirements of 5.5-6.5 is this True ?

I’m no expert on black pines, but i do have a couple of them and I don’t pH my water, and my soil mix is Kaly-King. were i live, the water is pretty high in pH also, around 8 ppm. all my pines are healthy.

While black pines may love a slightly lower pH, they can grow well with higher pH. 6.4 sounds fantastic to me - I’ve found it harder to keep pines and other trees happy above 7.5.

Pines prefer slightly acidic soil and it is best to avoid harder alkaline water. In Japan the top pines are usually kept in Akadama which has a PH of 6.5. This is slightly acidic. having said that in more modern times and other parts of the world japanese Black Pines thrive in inorganic soil mixes. The mix i use for growing pines in my nursery is essentially PH neutral. I avoid alkalai or hard water. There is a difference between survival and thriving.
If you wish to keep pines focus on a soil mix that drains well and provides good aeration. Particle size and shape are important.

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Yeah my Soil Mix is Neutral also 7.0 and one of our club members told me to lower it a little bit by Using acid fertilizer I just wanna confirm this coz I water all my bonsai with aTteated water of 6.4 PH and I just wanna make sure that same goes with the Soil PH for Black pines

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Thanks Jonas that confirms it I always water my Bonsai with a treated water with a PH of 6.4 I just wanna make sure that same goes with the soil Ph

I use well water that has a PH of 6.4. A good fertilizer reccomended by my teacher Boon is Apex. I also use an organic made from Neem Meal, Fish Fertilizer, Blood Meal, and Bone Meal.
I like to add the organic first due to my inorganic soil mix. I believe this aids Microbial activity in the soil.

I normally use Bio-gold to all of my Bonsai’s and my soil Mix Ph is 7.0 so I wanna lower a bit more to 6.5 that’s why I switch to E.B stone organic acid fertilizer for azalea and camelia and that’s what I use now for my Black pine to lower th soil PH to around 6.5

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