Soil problems with black pine

Sorry to jump in on your conversation, but my potted JBP root ball choose semi solid. Will that kill my plant

Choose not chose, spell check not working

Your post is difficult to understand. Perhaps you could explain what you mean by choosing semi solid.

I bought this JBP, Early December from Florida I live in southern Wisconsin. I have the potted container in my unheated garage. I believe that the root ball did freeze during a cold snap. Also the tree needs a emergency repot it is severely root bound. The needles are turning white at the tips and moving on down the needle. The play seems v dry week. Please advise what to do first.

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the plant seems to be very weak not dry

Not dry at it is actual to wet which is probably one of my problems. Drainage is almost none existant. What is the best way to dry it out. I have new bonsai soil on order right now, but it won’t be here until next week Monday. The tree is still growing slowly. Candles are getting a little bit longer as well as seed development and back budding. Please advise.

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The best time to repot is at the end of winter in cold areas. In the meantime the tree will need water. You can try perforating the rootball with a pick or slender screwdriver and then soak the rootball in a tub of water to make sure all of the roots get water.

Repotting now is also an option but the tree will require more care (something like a heated greenhouse) if you go this route as it’s best for the tree to start growing as soon as possible after repotting.

Thank you, I will hold off on the depot and perferate the root ball for now.


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