Some ID? Some bonsai plants rescued

So I visited a local nursery a week or two ago and was saddened to see their bonsai bench of plants in really poor shape, stuff that was tagged between $50-250 in overgrown and under-watered shape. Plants that were once really, really nice. Green but suffering. But no way I was paying those prices for such. Went back last Friday to grab a few juniper pro nana they had in 1 gal pots to prune as possible future bonsai and noticed the bonsai bench was completely cleared out, something different now in its place and nary a bonsai anywhere I could see. I asked and they said management had come by the day before and directed that they all be topped, pots removed and be thrown away!! I gasped and pushed further to find out they were still in the dumpster in the parking lot and they let me retrieve them for free! As mentioned many were topped (and due to overgrowth many needed it) and will need some serious care but I’m up for it. 11 plants that were once $500+ retail. Most without the name labels I’d seen earlier but I recognized many. A couple of maples, a nice sized pine, pomegranate, pyracantha, a schlefflera, what looks like a couple of salix, and a few with no more leaves but with $69-$99 price tags, I figure they are worth an attempt at rehab. Anyway below are a few photos of the leaves of a few I’m not sure about including a shot of the pine and a close up of its needles, maybe red pine? Any other ideas?

First of, even if only some survive, that’s a Sad but great find. I’m no expert but that last looks like pyracantha maybe?

Looks like spruce, wisteria, and maybe narrow leaf willow, though I’m not familiar with that last one.

Thanks Jonas! How about these leaves with this bag? Can anyone make out what that plant tag says? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wait…I think I got it…Pomegranate granatum?

Almost: Punica granatum - pomegranate!

The first one looks more like a Doug fir to me. If the needles are planar, it’s Doug fir. If diamond shaped in cross section, it’s a spruce

Thank you! I’ll check that. I just bought a new Doug Fir pre-bonsai seedling so I can compare against that too. I suspect spruce though…

Just went to a local nursery and they had a bigger and more healthy conifer on their bonsai table from the same nursery (lone pine) as mine that very much resembled the conifer (spruce, fir?) I have pictured above. I think it may be a Cedarus libani.

The needles are diamond-shaped. So it’s either a spruce, which I’m leaning towards since two of you said it likely is, or perhaps that Lebanon Cedar, from the same source, that I saw and thought it resembled is mislabeled, which to be honest is also entirely a possibility since I’ve seen a few bonsai at this nursery either missing tags or mislabeled. Either way it needs some major rehabilitation so I’ll do my best to keep it alive this winter and hopefully we’ll see some nice recovery in the spring/summer and get a better idea then. Thanks for the suggestions and comments.