Source for Accurate and appropriate times for repotting different species?

(Orion Potts) #1

Good morning!
I am always curious when is a good time to repot a species or when is a time where I can get away with repotting without damaging or hurting the tree. Does anyone have a good source of appropriate and accurate repotting times for different species?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Would love to hear if there’s a good resource for this. In lieu of one, a great time to repot almost everything is right before the trees start growing in late winter/early spring. For the CA central valley, that’s early February.

Some exceptions:

  • tropicals are better repotted when they are actively growing, typically during summer
  • Japanese flowering quince ‘chojubai’ are better repotted in fall

There are plenty of other times to repot most bonsai, but those specifics depend on the variety and sometimes on the health of the tree. I’m already starting to repot my trees and will continue doing so into February and possibly into March for some varieties.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

I have often referred to Bonsai Techniques l ( John Naka)
There is a species specific chart on pages 117-120.
Also you can refer to the Tree Directory portion of Colin Lewis’s book Bonsai Basics.
I believe it is also important to understand the condition of the tree when determining if it is the right time to repot, as well as how much of a repot is warranted for the stage of development. Appropriate timing often depends on more than the calendar.

(Orion Potts) #4


I have been researching and want to try braiding some of these, I purchased these from Maruyama. Would now be a bad time to repot and do that? If not, when would be the best time you think?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Now’s a fine time to wire (or otherwise bend) and repot conifers. Anytime up until the pine buds start elongating in spring is good.