Southern Pine Field Collected


My cousin recently field collected a southern pine. It’s in a nursery pot with the original soil which is mostly sand. The main tap root was severed, however not all the way back to the shin. Appears to have a few large roots extending from the root ball. Not sure what to do with it now. Let it ride the season and see how it survives and move to a larger container next spring or repot now and no needle or branch work until next year.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

The tree should be left to recover and strengthen. When it displays clear evidence of vigorous new growth then a further repot can be considered.
It is not unusual for a collected tree to take one or two complete seasons to recover and return to health.
Disturbing the roots again so soon will likely reduce the chance of it surviving.


I needed to hear that. I tend to try and accelerate the “bonsai” process and I should be thinking of the trees best interest and health. Thanks

(Raymond Mack) #4

Pines collected from a sandy substrate (as opposed to taking an entire root ball from a depression in rock like they do in the mountains) are a difficult collect. So a wait and see is definitely in order. Personally I would wait at longer than one year.

Good luck