Soybean meal for fertilizer

(Yaroslav) #1

Hello. Does anyone have experience with organic cake-based fertilizers? I was interested in this topic, the Japanese tend to use rapeseed meal, but we find it harder to find, I found soybean meal. Does it make sense to use it as a slow fertilizer?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I’ve tried several Japanese brands, including Tamahi, Omakase, and Biogold. All work well, but the animals got to the Tamahi quickly - they seem less interested in the Omakase and Biogold.

Many organic fertilizers provide similar benefits, whether they come in cake form or not. Fish emulsion and cottonseed meal are other good options.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

Some agricultural research has been done that indicates soybean meal can negatively affect germination rates and there are report that it is particularily high in soluable salts that can affect some species in normal growth patterns.
I have had good results with organic fertilizer using Neem meal as a base component, combined with fish fert, bone meal and blood meal. This may be available in your area, it is widely used in India.

(Yaroslav) #4

I read that soybean meal is similar to cottonseed meal. I will try, thank you.