Spots on leaves

Any idea what is causing these spots on the top of Liquidamber orientalis?

Not sure - which leaves have the spots and which don’t? The pattern makes me suspect something is going on with the roots.

Hi Jonas…the leaves with spots and ones without seem to be random locations including from same tree in the forest… will try to take couple of more pics with larger selection of leaves… this forest has not had a thorough repot with more porous soil blend …and too late for this season as it is in full growth mode…Thanks for your comments.

Typically foliar fungi will attack the leaves with random patterns and will not discriminate from leaf to leaf. Because the damage is limited to the outer areas of select leaves makes me think it’s a sign of root unhappiness. Main thing would be to watch the watering carefully if that’s the case.

OK…will be more careful with watering…it does stay a bit more moist than i like…and that may be one of the reasons it got really badly attacked by thrips last year?..that whole area where the forest sits stays a bit on the moist side …

That’s right - any stress (that like caused by staying too wet) can make trees more susceptible to infestation.

Yes…would gently removing any dense soil between the trees and replacing with porous mix be a good idea this time of year?..
.tree is completely leafed out so will try hard to not disturb any roots as much as possible. fingers crossed!!! thank you

Interesting idea - it’s worth a try. Main thing is to avoid exposing too many roots so you don’t lose the fine feeder roots.

yes…will do…thx!