Stewartia monadelpha design suggestion

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #1

Hello all,

just bought this Stewartia Monadelpha and I am looking for design advice since it has a strong curve (yellow line) in the trunk.

So my options here are:

  1. let it grow and try to incorporate the bend into the design

  2. Air layering at green sign and develope the tree following the red mark. This will help giving the trunk a little more taper

IMG_4989 closeup

What suggestion can you give me?


(Frank Corrigan) #2

I like your concept, i would choose the outside branch on the green line for the new apex branch. Part way up on the red line there is a nice branch on the inside that would also make a nice secondary apex for taper and movement on the second trunk. Both the branches introduce taper and complementary movement. This could be enhanced by some wireing.

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

I was thinking along the same lines as Frank. I don’t know that I love the bend, but gentle curves are generally preferable to straight trunks on stewartia. Cutting back to a branch that continues the movement one way or the other and possibly changing the planting angle a bit may provide for this gentle movement.

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #4

Hi there,

took courage with two hands, as we say in Italy, and made the repotting and initial styling for this stewartia.

Very interested in your feedback and in suggestions about cultivation and styling.

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Looks like you’re off to a good start! If you want some movement in the smaller branches, now is a good time to add some wire.

(Frank Corrigan) #6

I like the beginnings, good work. Do you plan to grow out the lower branches while limiting the top ones ?
Very nice start

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #7

The idea is to keep the tree this size, developing the lower branch, addind some movment as suggested by Jonas, and increasing taper.

(Frank Corrigan) #8

Great plan. Would be neat to see the progress over the years.
Best in Bonsai

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #9

Hi all,

a small update about my Stewartia and a question for the experts.

The spring has come and my Stewartia was among the latest to wake up, not it is growing ok i would say.

The question is about some withered growth on one of the lower branches, have any idea of the possible cause of this? is there anything you suggest to correct it? Can it be a fungus?!!
At the moment it affects only one branch.


Thank you.

(Jonas Dupuich) #10

This kind of wilting is often due to a problem with the roots. This can be caused by repotting or using too much fertilizer. It can also be the result of a branch that was bent too much.

Are any of these scenarios possible?

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #11

Hi Jonas,

yes all of it happened to this Stewartia this spring. I repotted, fertilized and add some bend to the branch.

It seems that the wilting is only affecting one branch at the moment, for the rest it is growing strong.
I’ll keep on eye on it and will stop any feeding for this year.