Strange Growth on Loblolly Pine

after trunk chopping this pine in december, i collected it when the candles started extending. its in a lava/pumice/bonsai block(calcined clay)/charcoal mix so i can water every day without worry.
i was wondering if these sucker looking shoots are going to take too much energy from the new leader and normal shoots? should i leave them till winter or pinch them off sooner? will they add to new root production?

The extra needles will add to the photosynthesis and produce more energy for root recovery and growth. The leader will still grow stronger with apical dominance.
Amazing to see that much budback on the lower trunk. Have fun. Looks like you will have lots to work with, plenty of potential options.

thanks for the reply. i was thinking along those lines too. aren’t these emergency shoots crazy though? i have a few pics of the same kind of shoot from this tree when i chopped some of it in the fall. ill post tomorrow.

emergency shoot

Looks normal to me - that’s common for loblolly from what I’ve seen and not unusual for pines in general. It’s also one of the reasons I rarely if ever cut back so hard. Once these young shoots elongate and begin to slow down some selective thinning can help define the future structure of the tree.

cool. im learning new stuff all the time. im so glad i started off my bonsai hobby collecting yamadori to experiment on instead of wasting money on a tree i like only to kill it later from inexperience.