Strange spots on JWP

(Gilad Sivan ) #1

I’ve just notice these white spots on new JWP bought this winter from a nursery. I’ve planted them two weeks ago in better soil and they seem to grow nice candles. Any idea what these white spots are and how to deal with them?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

It’s hard to tell via photo - is there a chance it could be dried sap?

In the first photo I see there are yellow and brown needles near the bud. Is this common across the tree or are there only a few branches like this? I’ve seen similar symptoms from damage caused by bud borers or caterpillars that eat buds.

(Gilad Sivan ) #3

Thanks! dry sap would be great relief…I don’t think its across the tree phenomenon - the tree is after harsh winter and just been re potted without roots pruning (I forgot to leave half of the old soil as you suggested - I hope they’ll pull through. They’re young and healthy trees). I hope feeding and love would help them.